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Custard Apples Sunshine Coast

Custard Apples

With over 2200 Pinks Mammoth custard apple trees in production, one would think we were Custard Apple crazy!

This highly nutritious, delicious sweet treat has a taste all of its own.

Originating from South America, the Australian custard apple is unique to Australia and the same varieties are not grown commercially anywhere else in the world.

Flowering starts in October and the first fruit will not be harvested until late February through to the end of May each year. Late March through to the end of April is the peak production period for our farm.

We supply custard apples to domestic markets throughout Australia, as well as internationally. Regular direct flights from Brisbane each week make it possible for us to deliver fruit in prime condition within a few days of harvest throughout the world.

All consignments are monitored for temperature control to ensure quality, freshness and shelf life is maintained.

With a name in the market place that is synonymous with quality and consistency, we continue to work with our supply chain partners to ensure that our custard apples arrive in peak condition and give customers an amazing eating experience.